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Gems are beautiful minerals that are used to make jewelry. But before jewelry can be made, gems must be ground and polished. A precious or semi-precious stone, especially polished and polished are used in a piece of jewelry.

The gemstone color (hue saturation)

All natural gemstones are unique in their color. To better understand the terms and identify different color parameters, it is important to focus on three things when it comes to gems. Gemstone engagement rings cheap can have different color intensities, shades, purity, saturation and tone. The main factors that determine the color of a gemstone are: hue, tone, and saturation.

The hue is only one primary primary color of the gem, which is one of the main colors of the color palette (rainbow). The determination of the hue is just as easy to determine that the gem is blue, red, green or yellow.

The tone Determines how intense the color of the gemstone is. It can vary from light to dark, ideally the most valuable tone would be neutral, i.e. It is not too bright and not too dark, but in the middle. However, different tones may look more attractive than others, depending on the design and style of the jewelry, and sometimes it is a matter of taste and personal preference.

Saturation also referred to as the purity of colors and gems with excellent saturation, contains little to no brown or gray hues. Of course, the purer the color, the more valuable the gemstone.

Gemstone shapes

The quality of a gemstone is determined by one of the most important elements – the cut. With 18 years of jewelry and precious stone business experience, we take the quality of the touch to maximize the charm of each gemstone. An excellent finish will reflect the quality of the gemstone, intensifying color, minimizing visible inclusions and, above all, enhancing the overall appearance. We distinguish 4 sanding steps: adequate, good, very good and excellent. Ideally, almost all PETRAGEMS gemstones are either very good or excellent honed. The gemstone cut is always indicated under the section details of the product.

Gemstone purity

The purity of the gemstone refers to the color and clarity of the stone. The fewer inclusions it contains, the more valuable and higher it will be classified. The purity of a gem depends on its type. The AAA purity refers to very clean stones, while the AA purity stands for semi-clean stones. Ideally, some gems are classified as AAAA quality, meaning that the highest possible purity a gem can have. The gemstone cut is always indicated under the section details of the product.

Gemstone Carat Weight (Size)

Karat refers to the dimension of the gemstone. Different types of stones have special densities (mass per unit amount), therefore, two gems that look the same size in size, have different weights. For example, a diamond is less dense than a ruby, so a 1-carat diamond will look larger than a 1-carat ruby.


Rich and vibrant green gems, their name derives from the Greek word “smaragdos” meaning green jewel. The 4 main gems sapphire, ruby, emerald and diamond; Due to their high surface hardness, in comparison to other gemstones with significantly less hardness, they are exceptional. The value of the emeralds is assessed by the 4 C’s, color, cut, purity and carat. For these gems, however, color is the most important aspect that makes the bright green emeralds the most precious Loose Diamonds for sale. Purity is the second most important criterion. Since emeralds often contain inclusions, the more transparent the stone is, the more valuable it is. These stones can nowadays be found mainly in Colombia, Zambia, Afghanistan,, Australia, Austria, Brazil,, Madagascar, Mozambique,, Namibia,, Nigeria,, Norway,, Pakistan,, Russia,, Somalia,, South Africa,, Spain,, Sweiz, Tanzania and the United States.

Emeralds associated with the heart chakra are considered “the stones of successful love”. It is believed that they assure peace, loyalty, commitment, friendship, loyalty and compassion. These gems fascinate people since antiquity and became the favorite stone of Cleopatra and it was believed in ancient Egypt that they allow eternal life. The healing effect of the gems is the other reason that makes the emeralds extraordinary stones. It is believed that they can act as an antidote, purifying the body of toxins or toxins, and helping to recover from infectious diseases. They are designed to help heal the heart, lungs and even restore weak eyesight.

Emeralds were considered Venetian stones, bringing security in love and relationships, making it one of the best choices to turn these gems into an engagement ring. In addition, they are the birthstone of the month of May.


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