Does Body Building Program Helps HIV Affected People To Stay Healthy?


In the modern day, you will find that the there are a number of maladies due to the increasing number of various diseases. The uncanny situation is that we do not have the right medicine to treat those diseases; one such health hazard is HIV.

It can affect anyone, even a body builder is no exempt from this virus, and they too have to stay with this health hazard. However, they can continue their bodybuilding program, which in turn act as a boon for them. Whether having a sexual intercourse or due to blood transfusion or may be during mother-child contact HIV spreads and among them anyone can be a bodybuilder.

How HIV virus spreads in the bodybuilders?

At times, the lifestyle of the bodybuilders makes them face high risk and come in contact with the virus. Some bodybuilders are there who also share shot of steroids with their colleagues sharing the same needle. This becomes an avenue to expose to the disease. Most of the bodybuilder turn out to be sexually irresponsible as they get laid faster compared to an average guy.

Another place from where the bodybuilders might get the virus spread is through their gym. In the gym, the bodybuilders can encounter the body fluids between colleagues, say someone is injured, and in such a situation colleagues come to the rescue with aids and bandages, so there is a chance to spread the virus.

 It would be wise to take care of the above-mentioned ways so that you do not meet the virus. However, as soon as a bodybuilder contacts the virus or fall in prey, then it is not the time to regret or feel depressed. The first step is to accept and when you come into agreement that you are a carrier, it becomes easy to manage.

A life after falling prey to the HIV virus

A bodybuilder can survive 20, 30 or even for 40 years by exercising and doing gym even after having the virus in their body. The trick lies in the fact that one needs to learn to manage the virus and retain the immunity level despite the predisposition.

One way to do it is to avoid the callous way of doing sex, sharing of same medical needles, less coming in contact of other’s body fluid in the gym and undergoing regular treatment and tests.

The most common test that is carried out to examine HIV virus and their intensity are real time PCR. This is one of the tests that are done with the use of microplates. With the use of different materials, microplates are often composed. Such as the use of polystyrene in optical detection microplates, or the use polypropylene to make plates that one can use in various temperature to carry out thermal cycling. It needs particular properties for long-term storage, especially for the new chemical compounds. For PCR, when it is put to use for DNA amplification, the polycarbonate in it is easy to mold and it is not expensive.


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