Did You Have A Look On Brixton Clothing’s Look Book


The designers at Brixton Clothing have a reputation for being edgy and always mixing things up. Therefore, we were not surprised to find that their winter 2015 collection offers something very different from last year.

The clean look stays

Brixton Clothing is known for its clean look, and they have stuck with that for 2015. For example, most of the clothing in this year’s range features a single colour, and the lines are simple and straight.

A muted colour pallet

Like many other streetwear designers, they have gone for a muted colour palette. Earth tones feature heavily, although there is plenty of russet reds and rich blues included. That mixes things up a bit and adds a touch of flair.

The construction worker look

Workwear offers a lot of what streetwear fans are looking for in their clothing. It is designed for active people who spend a lot of time working outdoors, for example construction workers. By design, workwear keeps you warm, dry and provides plenty of freedom of movement. Exactly what streetwear fans are looking for when they buy clothes.

Brixton Clothing has realised this. They have taken popular workwear designs and re-worked them to suit the tastes of their customer base. Expect to see plenty of insulated flannel shirts, Ollie caps and Abraham vests being worn this year.

Straight pants

The skinny look has practically disappeared and straight-legged pants feature heavily in their 2015 look book.

A big choice of jackets

When the range was put together, it is clear the designers were expecting a cold winter. Parkas feature heavily this year, but with a fresh take on this classic design.

A great example of this is The Sentry jacket. It features the iconic high hand pockets and deep hood of a traditional parka, but has much cleaner lines and no crazy fur edging.


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