How Can Stem Cell Technology Make Your Face Look Younger?


There has been a lot of converse about stem cell technology. Regrettably most of the conversation has been around the ethical subject of using embryotic tissue for research. Embryotic cells are stimulating because it is believed that they contain the entire set of genetic instructions. Therefore maybe one day they could be used to regrow organs or limbs. Aging is caused by cells reproducing and dying eventually.

Each time this process takes place the cells lose more of the genetic code obligatory for creating new cells. There has been considerable research performed on adult stem cells. The result of this research has led to a new type of skin care.

Companies like Jeunesse Global are now creating stem cell skin care serums and creams. The thought is that by growing adult stem cells in a lab there is a by-product of this growth that can be packaged and harvested into a delivery serum or cream for use on the face. Preferably the ingredients of these products would promote your obtainable cells to continue to reproduce at a normal rate thereby delaying the aging process for those cells.

Promote new cell growth

New cell growth is an indispensable part of life – it is how one grows from child to grown-up. But as people age, the growth slows the production of new cells. Simultaneously, one’s body’s cells age and their utility begin to slow down. When it comes to your skin, this can lead to a flabby, dull complexion in cells that cannot accept nutrients powerfully and purge toxins inside and outside.

The Jeunesse Youth Enhancement System uses DNA repair and antioxidant components to improve cell performance and longevity. Their inventive patent-pending cells aid to generate new vital skin cells first.

The science of stem cells

A world-renowned dermatologist and plastic surgeon, Dr. Nathan Newman, began looking for a relevant treatment to help patients recover from serious injuries and burns. Knowing that stem cells boostregeneration and cell growth, it secluded stem cell growth factors that serve as the ‘language’ communicating cellular activity. Even though other scientists were using plant growth aspects, Dr. Newman derived his growth factors from strong adult stem cells, theorizing that cellular communication in the same ‘language’ would be more successful.

The clout behind Luminiscence

The results were amazing. And your intricate 200+ growth factor is what you will experience in Jeunesse’s Luminiscence products. This effective growth factor complex is able to revitalize skin cells faster and at a molecular level. It kindles the production of new cells, resulting in increased elastin and collagen for firmer skin tone. New cells also give your complexion a fuller look with a healthy, vibrant shine. With Luminiscence, skin looks younger, because at the cellular level, it is factually younger.

The products of Jeunesse Global do not contain any genetic material or human tissue. The products contain a unique blend of peptides which come from enzymes and amino acids which accelerate chemical reactions. These special formulas are intended to promote new skin growth from your own skin’s existing stem cells.


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