Combine These Things With Flowers For Making A Wonderful Gift


Flowers are the simplest yet the most elegant gift you can find for your loved ones to greet on various occasions. But only a bunch of flowers may not be so appealing for brightening up the special day. So, here are some other things that can be combined with a bouquet of flowers. Have a look and buy these wondrous gifts to seal the special day with extreme happiness and love.

Flowers with Cakes:

This is a classic combination of gift for anyone special. Be it your mom, dad, brother, sister, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, or best friend there is always a special kind of flower and cake combination to be carried. For example, for anniversary or Valentine’s Day, you must take up the red rose bouquet and a red velvet cake. To wish your best friend on house-warming ceremony, bring a bouquet of white lilies along with a chocolate truffle cake. For your dad on father’s day, get a bouquet of yellow carnations from flower shop in Singapore along with an almond cake.

Flowers with Books:

Those people who are too much into reading can be given this combo of flowers with the latest book. You can be creative here and get a book written on flowers or a book where flower plays a subject. For example, The language of flowers, Sidewalk flowers, The reason for a flower, Zinnia’s flower garden, or Flowers in the attic, can be bought for this person. And while picking up a flower, get a mixed color flower bouquet for that bookworm friend of yours.

Flowers with Beauty Products:

For your sweet little sister or girlfriend, when you don’t actually know what to get for the upcoming birthday occasion, this combination would work perfectly. Women are very fond of beauty enhancing products and they are never ever going to be bogged down by this gift. So, combine the beauty products like face masks, cleanser, toner, moisturizer, sunscreen, night cream, perfume, compact powder, eye shadow, etc. – the list is an endless one! Combine these with dahlias and greet the beautiful lady!

Flowers with Home Décor items:

Home décor items can be many like curtains, personalized cushions, table runner, incense stick holder, wall decals, show piece, beautiful paintings of famous painters, etc. Combine these wonderful things with an orchid to provide that royal and luxurious feeling. As a Diwali gift or as a house-warming gift, this combination would be well-appreciated.

Flowers with Chocolates:

This one is another example of classic gift combination. Combine the dark chocolates, milk chocolates, and handmade chocolates in a basket and keep the alluring daffodils in between these chocolates that you can get as flower delivery in Singapore easily from some online gift shop. This gift bag can be kept for the best friend of yours whom you haven’t met for a long time after school or college.



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