Different Types Of Watches And How To Choose One


Gone are the days when people used to know the particular time with the help of sunrise and sunset. A great many changes have been witnessed as far as watches and the luxury watches for sale in particular. Almost all of us wear watches that not only give good looks but also help us in knowing the specific time that goes a long way in doing the particular tasks on time. We can set alarms in our watches that are greatly useful in reminding us of certain things that need to be performed without fail.

There are different types of pieces including the luxury watches for sale that are based on the following aspects:

Movement – Determined with the movement; these watches can be categorised as under:  

  • Quartz – It is the quartz movement that helps in operating this watch that is powered by battery.  
  • Mechanical – Prepared by assembling mechanical parts, these watches can be sub-categorised into two types, i.e. the manual and automatic. It is the crown that helps in making movement gains.
  • Automatic – As suggested by the name itself, this watch is operated with the help of the wearer’s motions. Manual winding is also the specific feature of such watches.
  • Kinetic – It is a watch that makes use of battery.
  • Solar – The solar energy is behind this watch that makes the quartz movement.

Style – It is the specific style of the watch that determines its type:

  • Dive watch – With the facility of screwing down, these watches are often used by the divers. Waterproofing is the exclusive benefit of dive watches. Equipped with the thicker rubber gasket inside, few of such watches have rotating bezel too that helps in setting the time.
  • Pilot watch – Usually made for the pilot fighters, these watches are often large sized for ease of reading the time.
  • Field watch – Generally used by the military personnel these watches with thick hands enable quick time reading.
  • Dress watch – Mostly worn on special events, dress watches usually match the attire and the event too.

Other types of style pieces include day & night, moon, chronograph and moon phase watches.  

Display – Based on the display feature, these watches include the following types:

  • Analog – Consisting of an hour hand, minute and second hand; analog types of watches have existed since the last so many decades.
  • Digital – Involving use of LCD screens for facilitating the requisite info; these watches are also quite famous.
  • Analog and digital – A combination of analog and digital, these watches are available only in quartz.

Class – These class type of watches include the Entry level, the mid-level and the luxury watches for sale that are costlier than the earlier two types of class watches. It is the high costs of the class watches that have become the preferred choice of millions of people.

Choosing a watch – Though it is your own specific taste and choice, yet great care must be exercised to choose any particular piece. Focus may be emphasised on its making, different components, use and the price too.


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