Every Bachelor Should Start Caring About These 5 Things In Their 20s


You will be really confused in your twenties with almost every decision that life demands from you. While most of the parties take a lot from your energy and your initial salary, you need to take a look at building a better lifestyle.

What really makes a better lifestyle though? Apart from the boozy night outs, a good lifestyle involves learning to learn new things and understanding what you really like. Let’s take a look at some of these things that you should really care about in your 20s to have a better future.

1. A good place to sleep
Leave behind the hermit lifestyle believing that it’s okay to sleep under a tree or pass out after a round of smoke at your friend’s place. Sleeping in a good place affects a lot of your mental and physical health. The quality of sleep you give yourself, reflects in your work performance and your relationships.

Rent a comfortable apartment with all the basic essentials. It would take a large chunk from your salary but, it will keep you healthier and happier. Try online services like NestAway that provide fully furnished apartments in India for bachelors at a really affordable price. No need to compromise by living in PG accommodations. You decide the time you want to come home in your NestAway apartment, not your landlord.

2. Your employment
It’s easy to skip jobs after jobs in your 20s by ranting about how your current job is not getting you anywhere or complaining about the people at work.

It takes a consistent effort to perform well at your work and deliver more than what’s demanded. Focus on learning and gaining experience that really matters. It’s okay to jump a job but, not unless you’ve learnt enough.

3. Making friends

Friends come and go but real friends stick around and help you grow. Learn to make real friends in your twenties because as you grow older, it becomes really hard to make new friends and connect with people.

Your friends make you feel safe and secure. They will always find ways to entertain you and motivate you. They will hang out with you in your apartment, regardless of its luxury. Learn to recognize genuine people who like you and the ones you like in return. They will be there for you all your life.

4. You settlement and comfort zone
Life in twenties should be about improving yourself constantly. Aim for more, try to get into a better position in most cases. Get better lessons, get a better job, get a better house and surround yourself with better.It helps you be comfortable later in life.

The energy you have in your twenties is nothing compared to your thirties. Attain as much as you can in your twenties.

Remember though, your competition is only yourself. Don’t let your motivation get affected by people around you. This might make you lose your focus point.

5. Savings and investments
You don’t have to buy a house in your twenties. You can live off well by renting a furnished apartment in your budget. But, you have to save the money that you are blowing away on unnecessary things.

It’s not as easy and safe as it sounds. It takes dedication. Also, once you practice this in your 20s, you’ll learn to make better financial decisions in your crucial 30s.

Go ahead, celebrate your 20s with this knowledge. If you have discovered something new that you’d like to share with the world, start a discussion with us.


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