Finding A Perfect Diamond For Yourself: Know It How?


Are you planning to buy a diamond piece, but not sure about four C’s that you should look for?

Over the years the diamonds are most popular that emblems everlasting love and loyalty. Every woman gets entice to that sparkle and brilliance ofdiamond without any doubt. But to buy a diamond is a challenging task. There is alot we should know about buying jewelry.

Here we focus on how to buy Houston diamonds because it is a major investment and nobody wants to get mess up with it.These are the four Cs you have to look at a perfect diamond:

  • Color
  • Cuts
  • Clarity
  • Carat

As they are misrepresented very often, so we here simplify them for you as possible.


Do you know that diamonds come in colors also? You can find diamonds in green, pink, yellow, blue and black too. Still, colorless diamonds are best and more popular. The color of diamonds is graded by certified professionals of Germ Certification Organizations on a scale from D – Z.

  • D – F are colorless
  • G – J are near colorless
  • K – M are faint yellow
  • N – Ris light yellow
  • S – Z is also light yellow

The stones that come in D – G range look almost identical to your eye. From around H, you may see slight tint or what those professional call “warmth.” And after H, tint becomes more prominent. If you want a white diamond, probably it is better to stay in D – I range only.


The other most important factor we must consider when buying a diamond is clarity, another ‘C.’  If there is inclusion more in the diamond, then it will reduce sparkle and subsequently affect diamond price too. As said earlier, diamonds come in grade and by number and types of inclusion present. A flawless diamond cost you more compared to diamonds with grade 12 – 13. If two diamonds have same weights and color,but they have different clarity grade, the price will be different depending on the grading.


Cut the other important ‘C’ because there is agreat influenceof cut in the sparkle of thediamond. Even you find a diamond with perfect color and clarity grade but has poor cut means it will appear dull. Diamond should be cut in a proper proportion that light return out from top of that diamond. When thecut is too shallow, thelight will leak out to bottom or too deep it will escape out from sides.


Carat in pounds shows the weight measurement of diamonds in Houston. One carat is 0.20 grams, so it determines weight and size which plays another major role in diamond cost. If you want to buy regarding carat, you will get less attractive stone than those are best in color, cut and clarity in the same price range.

So by all means, find the largest stone that you can afford. Still make sure it has best cut, clear and colorless stone too.


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