Five Essential Tips To Strengthen Your Hips


The human body is made of muscles and joints which help us in doing various activities. It is because of these joints that we can do the various body movements like running, sitting, walking, standing, etc.

Hip joint is one of the biggest joints of our body which takes our entire body weight and enables us to do all the body movements conveniently.Can you imagine what life would be like in case you were unable to climb staircase on a hill or take part in any sports and games?

Those who have any problem with their hip joints due to injury or diseases like the arthritis are quite aware how incapacitated they feel when the movements are restricted in any manner.Therefore, if you wish to lead a normal happy life and pursue all your interests like hiking, running, traveling, sports etc, besides taking measures like wearing insoles for flat feet it is essential to strengthen your hips so that the hip muscles and joints the are kept strong and healthy .

So how to strengthen your hips?

In order to strengthen your hips and keep your hip joints healthy and mobile, it is essential that you do not neglect them.Carry out certain exercises regularly will keep your hip joints fit all your life. Five Exercises to strengthen your hips and keep the hip joint healthy and mobile

1. Strengthening of groin by squeezing the hips

Lie down on your back and fold both your legs so that your knees point upwards.Now place a soft pillow between both the knees and press them inward towards each other.Do this 7 to 10 times.This will help the inner muscles of the thighs and the groin strengthen. Follow this up with the next exercise

2. Strengthening the Legs

While keeping your knees still bent raise one leg up and make it straight.Keep it there for some time; then bring it down slowly and place your foot on the ground while the knee is still facing upwards.Now repeat the same with the other leg while the knee is still facing upwards. lift your other food and make your legs straight keep it for some time generally to the count of 10 and bring it down slowly. Then place your foot on the ground.

Do this 5 times and increase the duration slowly as you progress to the maximum of 10 times in the period of 2 weeks. Follow this up with the next exercise,

3. Strengthening of Gluteal Muscles

Turn to your left side while still lying down and lift your head a bit place it on the left palm. Hold your left leg along the ground and while keeping the right leg straight move it up words to make an angle with your body line. Keep it there for the count of 10 and bring it down. Repeat the motion of this like 3 times . Turn your side and do this with the other leg and follow up with the next exercise.

4. The Bridging Motion

Once again lie down on flat on your back with your legs together with arms next to your body. Bring both of free together towards your buttocks so that your knees are pointing upwards. Now lift your buttocks by about 4 to 8 inches in such a manner that it forms a straight line. Keep the body that way for a minute or two and bring it down slowly. Do this 5 to 7 times.

5. Pelvic Hip Rotation

Stand upright with your feet slightly apart from each other and place your hands on your hips. No rotate your hips slowly 5 times in the clockwise motion and follow this up with the 5 times anticlockwise motion. By adopting measures like doing the exercises regularly before or after you go for any activity like running out playing a game will make the hips strong and flexible for years to come. In case you feel the need, do not forget to wear shoes with insoles for flat feet.


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