How Can You Gift Something Unique To Your Loved Ones, With Printed Coffee Mugs?


Gone are those days when you used to gift roses and teddies to your girlfriend or a bouquet to your wife in your anniversary. Now, with printed coffee mugs, you cannot just share a moment of togetherness but you can also choose one of the best gift items to present to your loved ones during birthdays or during marriage anniversaries. To make matters more interesting, now even offices and large corporate houses are gifting personalized coffee mugs with printed taglines and encouraging stanzas from poetry to boost the morale of their employees, and to enhance the employee productivity in the office. In fact, now the local photo shops also have the slots for making printed coffee mugs if you give them the photos that you want to get printed on the cups:

Best Gift for your beloved

  • There are different varieties of color changing coffee mugs and mugs especially meant for moms, dads, brothers, sisters, friends, husbands and wives, and literally for every occasion that you want to make special.
  • When you buy printed coffee mugs, you can get these in different materials like ceramic, polymer, plastic and even steel varieties. The steel and the polymer printer mugs are quite durable, and you can also take them, for your excursion, trips or you can even gift them in a wrapping box, to your children, who can take them to their hostel.
  • There are many online gift portals, where you can customize your requirements according to the price list that they provide. For instance, you can print quotes, pictures and even cartoon characters and encouraging taglines to gift these mugs to your loved ones.

Printed Coffee Mug

Printing your favorite picture and gifting mugs to your loved ones on their special occasions is very simple:

Printed Coffee Mugs

Printed coffee mugs are the best ways in which you can actually show some unique gifting ideas to your loved one, especially on their anniversaries, birthdays and re-unions. For instance, on your 5th marriage anniversary, you can print the honeymoon pictures on the magic mug, and gift to your husband and wife. It will instantly bring a smile on his or her face, as the old memories will be rekindled instantly:

Printed Coffee Mug

  • The printer coffee mugs which you gift on Valentine’s Day are usually the brighter ones, with dark floral shades, inside which the picture of your beloved can remain printed. You can further make the design more intricate by adding silver and golden linings and borders which can accentuate the color and the texture of the mug.
  • For the corporate gifting ideas, you can try out the light and the pastel shades like yellow or white as the base color, and then print the moment when your employee received the prize for his or her official efforts. Corporate coffee mugs can also have quotes and lines from self-help books, that will boost the morale of the employees.
  • If you want to gift something unique to your little ones, then you can print the favorite t.v. show character, like Batman, Superman or cartoons or characters from fairy tales, which are liked by your children.
  • Similarly, you can also gift printed coffee mugs for the teachers, for friends on Friendship Day, and also for the day that you think is special in your life.

Advantages of buying coffee mugs from online shops:

There are several advantages of buying printed coffee mugs from online portals. You can choose the colors, textures and designs of the mugs from a wide variety of collections, and you can also have the facility to offer cash when the company delivers the mug to your house.

You can compare the designs and the price range in different online gift shops, and they can also customize the designs and layout for you.


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