How To Care For Curly Hair


Today’s female modelling trends seem to be centred on straightened hair in general. But how many of those models have naturally curly locks! Many women curse their curls as being unmanageable but here are some great tips that are easy to do and will help you manage your hair on a daily basis.


Shampooing too often is tough on hair regardless of which shampoo is used. It makes it dry and towel drying, brushing, and hair drying cause a lot of damage. Research shows that the less you interfere with hair, the healthier it is. Nobody likes dandruff and the last thing you want in a modelling casting is for snow to end up on your lapels. To prevent this dryness only lather up once. Only wash twice if you have a lot of product in.


New hair near your scalp doesn’t need conditioner. It is used to repair the older sections of hair and will only serve to grease up your scalp and weigh the hair near it down. Keep the conditioner in for as long as possible. If you have a particularly frizzy day, comb a little in to the lower lengths of hair and leave it in for added softness. Before you go to sleep, you can rub conditioner into the tips of your hair and leave it in over night. This will reduce the chances of split ends and you will wake up with a great hair day.


On a modelling shoot you will have a stylist, but in your own home you have to do that job, too. Lets start from the time after washing. Gently dry it and don’t brush. Brushing causes curly hair to frizz out. Use a plastic comb with wide teeth. For thick hair use a silicone serum before using hair spray or any other product. If you want only minimal hold, then use lightweight styling lotions or gels.Avoid the scalp though. Let it dry naturally if you have time. If you’re in a rush, use your diffuser attachment. It interferes with the shape of your curls less. Use any product evenly and lightly. Finally, don’t be too concerned with expensive products aimed at taming curls and similar, talk to your hairdresser and see what they say. Get a new style or just have a thinning to regain your volume and remove excess weight.


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