It’s A Nice Day For A Marquee Wedding


If the bride and groom want something a bit different to celebrate their special day a reception outside might be just what they need. And with an ample choice of exquisite wedding marquees with all sorts of splendid interiors – from exotic eastern embroidery to stunning white vintage canvas – there is beautiful, sumptuous party surroundings for every taste.

Hosting your wedding reception in a marquee will provide you with the opportunity to welcome your guests in your own customized space. So it’s on you to choose something truly genuine with a range of colors, textures and patterns from around the world that can transform even the most conventional marquee into a parallel universe of wedding wonder.

Marquee receptions are an ideal solution for larger weddings and are nothing if not versatile when we speak about venue styling. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and you can have them decorated in a laid back style or spiced up with swag and chandeliers. These wedding venues often have astonishing grounds surrounding the marquee site, offering your guests the opportunity to wander at their leisure.

Organizing a marquee reception at home can be challenging, stressful but also very rewarding. It’s much greater a challenge than a hotel or some other indoor wedding venue because you have to organize everything from scratch, usually with little or no professional help to guide you along the way. If this can of celebration is what you are looking for, you should know that it involves hard work but the outcome is well worth it.

Once you have confirmed the ceremony and set the budget, the first thing to do is call different companies that have marquees for sale, asking them for a site visit. This is of paramount importance – they have to see where exactly you plan to have the marquee, as this will enable them to give you a realistic quotation. Let them know the estimated number of guests, ask them what size marquee is needed and, naturally, check if you have the space for the required size.

Before you organize the meeting with a marquee company of your choice, you should consider several things, first and foremost the theme of your outdoor wedding, and the lengths at which it affects the wedding site layout.  For instance, think about what marquee style you prefer, giant teepees, conventional white canvas or, say, an Indian theme interior. And do you want doors and windows completely open on one side? Also think of the type of flooring that you prefer. I would suggest a hard floor on its own or with carpet on the top, as this will provide an even and solid surface for your guests to walk on.

In addition to this, don’t forget to envisage the place for the marquee entrance, catering tent and portable toilets. You might also want the stage and dance floor with tables surrounding them. Speaking of tables, will you go for long banqueting tables or the round ones? Perhaps there are some features in the garden you also want to incorporate. For instance, maybe there’s a pond, tree or flower border in the area near the proposed marquee. They can all instantly add flair to the design.

Listen carefully to what the people in the marquee company recommend, since they are the experts. If they think that your idea simply won’t work, you should listen to their reasons and consider other options they offer. Finally, remember to ask for a full breakdown of costs, as this will make it easier for you to compare quotations.


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