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In the last two centuries, Asia has been a strong influence to word wide fashion designers. Not just as an inspiration, but with hundreds and thousands people creating a demand in every aspect of fashion. Dresses, accessories, everything from heels to hats, women’s choices turned multimillionaire companies around and built standards for the western world.

Today, the influence is stronger than ever. Although there are some cultural differences, and sometimes things get lost in translation when it comes to fashion statements, today’s top models are coming from China, Japan, India and are wearing clothes of famous designers better than some familiar faces, and bodies, ever could. We had the opportunity to see the creations of celebrated designers inspired by Asian culture many times, some could say one time too many. But what about genuine designers?

The Western Europe recognized not just the potential by now, but the absolute influence Asian designers will have in the years to come too. At this moment, some choices may seem bold or unusual and attention grabbing, but very soon it won’t be possible to leave out some already famous names like Qeelin out of any serious discussion about accessories. The difference is of course in inventive designs, new styles and still a bold but unknown world, rich with tradition and history, reaching out to everyday consumers with unique and exciting pieces. But the quality, something that the western world has left behind pursuing numbers and popularity, is also at a high level. A world still considered exotic, with artist making their work available on a global scale, plus the quality, it is understandable why 2015 is the year of Asian fashion.

Even simple and elegant designs with innovative colors always look better with high quality materials, and let’s not forget how new and moving modern Asian fashion designers are. Thanks to the power of the internet, we can find trends before they even are trends, and discovering new and thriving artists have never been easier. It is not just about the convenience of getting to know the creator of the certain piece yourself, but identifying with the movement, culture and idea is also a big plus for average consumers, and for those with much more experienced taste. We all love those “I had it before everyone else” stories, and today you can “have it like no one else” and keep your friends and admirers in the dark. Well, at least for some time before it turns global and you simply have to tell them.

You should insist on original designs. It is no secret that large companies and retail chain stores can’t compete with the ever growing market in China, Japan and India. In fact, some of them are trying to reach the same market that is causing all the trouble, hoping for the same effect. Will it be a productive venture is still a question of time, so let’ wait and see.

Getting to know your style and finding your unique expression is just a matter of a short online research now. And don’t just find your jacket or dress, or any accessory for that matter, find your own designer as well and communicate with him, or her. Connections build experience, and experience build character. Show yours, and feel the confidence of your choices.


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