Make Your Baby’s First Birthday Unforgettable With These Tips


Birthdays celebrations are important and when it is your baby’s first birthday celebration, it has to be GRAND. Certainly your baby will not remember his first birthday but you can still plan for an entertaining and eventful day and preserve the memories of the same in photographs and videos for your baby.

When planning for the first birthday party, there are many things to keep in mind from the theme and venue of the party to the guest list. However, when planning for a baby’s birthday, there are a lot more things as well that you must keep in your mind. Here are some useful tips for new parents that they can take into account when organizing for the party:

Timing of the party is important

Make sure to consider your baby’s sleeping schedule when deciding the time of the party. A baby’s attention span is short and therefore, you are advised to keep the party time short; an hour or two of party time will be enough for the celebrations.

Invite help

You don’t have to be a hero and arrange everything by yourself! Ask your family members and friends to help you with the ‘FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY’ mission. You can ask them to help you with the following roles:

  • Ask someone to welcome guests on your behalf.
  • Ask someone to assist everyone with their needs.
  • Rope in someone who can click memorable pictures for you..

And you are advised not to completely forget about the birthday boy or girl and focus on attending the guests.

Pick a theme for party

Don’t get carried away when selecting the theme for the party. First birthday is once-in-a-lifetime affair and you will have to be very careful and thoughtful while selecting the theme. You are advised to select the theme that is not very complex and does not require much attention on your part, while at the same time, is refreshing and attracts small children.

Arrange for a perfect party cake

Selecting just ‘any’ cake should be avoided! Spend good amount of time to finalize the cake design as it is the basic part of a birthday celebration. You can add sweetness and life to the party with the right cake. Go for one which has some sort of correlation to your baby; a photo cake may be?! If you do not have enough time to personally visit the bakery, you can order cake online; there are many online sites that offer themed and customized cakes.

Arrange for activities and games for children

You will have a lot of tiny little guests on your guest list, since it’s a baby’s birthday party! You are suggested to plan for activities and game to keep them engaged.

You are recommended to spend some happy and memorable time with your baby before the party gets started and you get busy with the guests. And the most important tip, don’t forget to enjoy yourself as it is not only your baby’s first birthday but as a parent, yours too.


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