Why Men’s Shorts Are A Summer Essential


In summer it is sometimes difficult for men to stay cool.  Most summer looks for men requires you to wear layers or long trousers.  These looks overlook comfort for style.  Most men are always looking for another option for the long pants look.  The best of the options available to you are men’s shorts.

Modern-day men’s shorts have become a closet staple.  You can keep men’s shorts casual with a T-shirt and sneakers or you can create a more sophisticated look with a blazer and formal shoes.

Here are a few ideas as to how you can keep your summer look casual, sophisticated and stylish.

The polo shirt

A polo shirt has the ability to make any outfit seem put together.  It is considered the grown-up, structured relative of the T-shirt.  The polo shirt is the perfect compliment piece for men’s shorts.  You can work it into your usual 9 to 5 look, and it goes equally well with a pair of shorts and sneakers for your weekend look.

The trusty boat shoe

The men’s loafer has been around for many years.  These days the fashion trend leans toward the boat shoe.  The boat shoe can be likened to an elegant upgrade from the loafer.  It is a versatile pair of shoes that can be worn on casual Fridays at the office.  The boat shoe can just as easily be worn with structured men’s shorts on the weekend for drinks with the guys.  The best advice is to keep the color of your boat shoe neutral.  This will allow you to wear them from work to play with ease and with any length of trousers and men’s shorts.

The bold print button down

Long gone are the days of stuffy long-sleeved shirts as the only option available to men.  Shirts have shed the stuffy reputation and have gone cool, bright and trendy.  Bold prints, colors and structured highlights on collars, buttonholes,and cuffs have given the shirt a new lease on life.  These new shirts can perfectly pump up a structured men’s shorts for a trendy and sophisticated look.  Team the bold print shirt, fitted men’s shorts and a pair ofboat shoes for a weekend look that is classic and stylish.

The lightweight hoodie

Summer nights can still be a bit chilly.  A pullover hoodie is great for warding off the chill in the summer evenings and pairs well with your knee-length men’s shorts.  It is great for a trendy casual look and filling the functional need of the garment.  Choose a hoodie that suits your individual style.  Zip-up hoodies work equally well with a pair of men’s shorts.

The other essential that pairs well with your pair of structured knee-length shorts are a pair of aviator sunglasses, a structured T-shirt, and comfortable sandals.  Your summer wardrobe will not be complete without these essentials.  Should you be on the lookout for some new clothing item to complimentyour existing wardrobe or wanting to replace outdated items, then look no further than a structured, knee-length men’s shorts. This versatile article of clothing will see you through many summers to come. 


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