Pampering Your Sensitive Skin


Only people who have experienced the issues that their sensitive skin brings them know how boring and annoying it can get. You should not touch your face too much, you need to be careful about the cosmetics that you use, the external factors such as weather and even the food you eat. However, if you take that extra care and you pamper your skin well, it will pay off and all those troubles and problems will be significantly soothed. Here are some of the ideas and basic facts about your sensitive skin.

Sensitive Skin Symptoms

Usually, the sensitive skin is also dry skin. This means that it is usually characterized by redness, flaky appearance, at times even cracks and different manifestations like bumps or pustules. Sensitive sort of skin gets severe reactions like blushing, redness, itching and others quite easily. Mostly this happens because the skin doesn’t protect the nervous endings properly, so they react more easily. One of the symptoms of sensitive skin type is that it is more prone to eczema, irritation, contact dermatitis and other skin conditions.

Things to Avoid

With this sort of skin, you need to make sure that you avoid any unnecessary touches and that you prevent all sorts of contact dermatitis risks. This includes pet hair, different plants and other risk factors. Also, when you pick out your cosmetics and you want to make sure that your skin is not irritated, you need to choose cosmetics that doesn’t contain alcohol, fragrances and any other strong chemicals that would only make the things worse. Stick to simple and mild type cosmetics designed for sensitive and dry skin.

Daily Care

What you definitely need is some appropriate daily care. This means that you need your morning and evening face wash, makeup and foundation. You need to make sure that all these things don’t contain alcohol but also any sort of allergens. Also, avoid the waterproof makeup as the remover will be very intensive and hard on your skin. With all this being said, it seems that your best bet is organic skincare.

Masks and Routines

Daily care is not enough for any skin type to be nice and pampered, and sensitive and dry skin is no exception. Besides your daily care and specially chosen cosmetics, you also need some masks that you should apply at least once a week. More often than that can have counter-effects. You need to make sure that the mask you use is designed for your skin type and you need to make sure that your face is clean before applying it. However, you can also make your own mask for dry skin if you like.

Sensitive skin is hard to manage, but it is all a matter of habit and routine. Soon enough, taking care of your skin will stop being a chore and become something that you really enjoy. It is more difficult than it seems and it just needs a little bit of preparation and imagination. Figure out the brands and the masks that you like the most and let them work for you.


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