Serene Vacation Spots On The Coast Of Croatia


The wonderful spots along the Croatian coast hold the promise of a blissful and serene vacation. The rich greenery and gushing waterfalls of the national parks induce a peaceful state of mind, while the rustic towns allow you to slow down and relax. The magnificent islands of the Adriatic Sea have protected their dense forests and historical treasures from the perils of urbanization.

These amazing locations are replete with secluded beaches, quaint churches, and medieval buildings that will transport you back in time. The tranquil atmosphere of these spectacular coastal destinations in Croatia will surely refresh your body and rejuvenate your spirit.

City Of Makarska

A beautiful horseshoe shaped bay, nestled between sapphire blue waters and majestic mountains, awaits you in the city of Makarska. This coastal city is ideal for those who wish to bask in the pleasant sunshine on the beach. You can also opt for a leisurely walk through the promenade that has a canopy of coconut leaves and is lined by restaurants and cafes. The main town resembles a postcard from the past, with colorful fruit and flower markets and ancient churches. The Franciscan Monastery emanates an old world charm, and exploring the Sea Shell Museum is the perfect activity for a lazy afternoon. These delightful sights and sounds make Makarska an ideal destination for a laid back holiday.

Korcula Island

One of the favorite holiday spots of the ancient Greeks, the island of Korcula has still retained the glory of the past after all these years. A majority of the landscape is occupied by dark pine forests, olive plantations, and vineyards. Korcula is relatively less crowded than the popular tourist islands, making it suitable for the seekers of solitude. Korcula Town holds a few museums that narrate the tales of this region’s history, while the remnants of the ancient fortifications can still be spotted in some parts of the town. Other famous sites include the charming villages that dot the terrain and the Vela Przina Beach, a stretch of soft sand with a surreal view of the Adriatic Sea. At many harbors on Korcula you will have an opportunity to rent a yacht and explore surroundings of this wonderful island at you own pace and leisure.

Krka National Park

The music of cascading waterfalls and gurgling streams creates a mystical environment at the Krka National Park. The Skradinski Buk falls, a series of mesmerizing waterfalls, are the most popular feature of this park. The cascades of Roski Slap and the intriguing architecture of the Krka Monastery are other attractions. The national park is named after the Krka River that flows through the heart of the forests of this region. This spellbinding river holds the tiny island of Visovac which is home to a Franciscan Monastery that dates back to the 15th century. Every corner of the park shimmers with natural splendor and the pristine air acts like a salve for the lungs. The calm surroundings of this unique park of nature are more than therapeutic for the weary travelers.

Vis Island

The island of Vis has preserved the true culture of Croatia because of being cut off from the rest of the world for decades, due to some security reasons. This alluring island has numerous unspoiled beaches, such as the Stiniva Beach and the Srebrna Beach. The Green Grotto is a marvelous sea cave that is perfect for swimming, a more secluded alternative to the famous Blue Grotto on Bisevo Island. The Archaeological Museum in Vis Town and the St. Jerome’s Church and Monastery are some of the places worth visiting. The panoramic view from the chapel near the peak of Mount Hum will create an everlasting memory. This island also boasts of a fishing culture, so make sure to indulge in the traditional seafood dishes.

City Of Opatija

The city of Opatija is renowned for its opulent villas and verdant gardens. The entire town is a fine display of different styles of architecture and is adorned with some intricate sculptures. The statue of the Maiden with the Seagull is the most iconic landmark of the city while the grand interiors of the Villa Angiolina are incredibly enchanting. The Fountain of Helios and Selena and the Fountain Slatina are some of the remarkable sights and the St. Jacob’s Church provides a throwback to the 15th century. The Park Angiolina offers an opportunity to learn about a wide range of plants and its colorful flora is a feast for the eyes, while the village of Volosko celebrates the local culture of the region.

Surrounding yourself with the exceptional beauty of these locations is a great way to escape the urban hustle and bustle. Devoid of pollution and sheltered from the crowds, these fabulous destinations are excellent retreats for a quiet vacation. You will feel completely rested in the warm embrace of some of the most splendid cultural and natural gems of Croatia.


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