Spray Tanning: Do’s And Don’ts, And Other Guidelines


Spray tans have become just as popular as tanning beds nowadays and you can almost guarantee that any tanning salon will have a booth alongside their beds.  Many people opt for the spray tan because it is fast, convenient, and will last much longer than self-tanning lotions.  Lots of people find that they enjoy spray tanning more than traditional tanning or tanning beds and opt to ditch the other methods altogether.  Your local tanning salon can advise you on various tones of spray tans and which is the best color for your skintone.  If you are wanting to make sure you get the most out of your spray tan follow the tips below.


  1. Prepare Your Skin Before Your Tan – Make sure to follow a few simple steps to make sure your skin will be able to absorb the tannings solution effectively to maximize your spray tan. Shave your skin and make sure to exfoliate with an abrasive tool or product.  A loofah, exfoliating scrub, or bath puff.  These two steps help remove excess dirt and your top skin layer to help your spray tan set in better.  Take care to not over-exfoliate though!
  2. Keep Your Skin Moist – Keeping your skin moisturized before and after your spray tan is very important. If skin is too dehydrated before the spray tan it could result in peeling.  Using a good moisturizer daily after your tan will help maintain it.


  1. Don’t Swim or Sweat – There are a lot of things you can do to ruin your spray tan, unfortunately. Bathing or swimming can cause streaks and any exercise which causes vigorous sweating.  Also, the heat from hot tubs or chlorine in pools can cause you to exfoliate your spray tan away, so make sure to be careful.
  2. Consider Your Clothing – Make sure to avoid white or light-colored outfits. They can easily stain, especially just after application.
  3. Skip the Deodorant – Also ditch the makeup or other products that might affect your tan. You can also cause a chemical reaction with the spray tan and deodorant. Wait until after the tan sets until you put on any anti-perspirants.

Spray tanning may seem like it requires a lot more than conventional tanning beds, but it will be worth it to have a quick and easy tan that will last.  Make sure that you are going to a reputable salon as well, as poorly trained technicians or automatic booths can leave you with streaks and gaps that will need fixing to make your tan look even.  The salon might also try to sell additional products such as instant bronzers, but these aren’t necessary if you follow the tips above.  Now go out and get that spray tan and feel confident!


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