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Moringa plant has gained more common than before as a fabulous “superfood” for its profile with high levels of nutrients and powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and tissue-defensive properties with a wide range of other health benefits.

Moringa oleifera is well-known for ben tree, drumstick tree, or horseradish tree. It is a kind of small tree come from Pakistan, India, and Nepal that has been alongside with many generations in Asian countries in the treatment and prevention of a number of diseases like anemia, arthritis, diabetes, liver disease, heart disease, and disorders related to skin, respiratory, skin, and digestive problems.

The fact that dried leaf powder is used commonly than fresh leaves because of its higher nutritious, especially including ten times specific nutrients compared to the leaves of fresh moringa. It has been used as a traditional therapy for a number of ailments, and here are top health benefits of moringa you should know:

1. Liver protection

Moringa consists of high levels of polyphenols, existing in its flowers and leaves that help protect the liver against toxicity, damage, and oxidation.

Moringa can get rid of liver damage and fibrosis and change oxidation in the liver. Moringa oil can also revive enzymes in liver to common levels, eliminating stress of oxidation, and help enhance protein content for the liver.The liver takes responsibility for some main functions such as bile production, fat metabolism, fructose metabolism, process of nutrient and blood detoxification, and it can only carry out these functions with the supports from enzymes in the liver, so it is essential for them to keep at normal levels. For example, with lower concentrations of hepatic enzymes can weaken its ability to remove the blood.

2. Stomach Disorders

The presence of isothiocyanates in moringa are one of the most natural and effective in the treatment of a wide range of abdominal disorders called gastritis, constipation, and ulcerative colitis. Many researches have found that moringa extracts can be taken into consideration because this is effective treating alternative to a number of commercially available such as antihistamines and antacids. Some studies also have shown that using moringa oleifera for treatment leads to getting rid of ulceration and its efficacy in treating ulcerative colitis in comparison with the commercially easy drug prednisolone.

It includes two main properties called antibacterial and antibiotic properties, and it has inhibitory effects on the speed of growing for various pathogens. This contains coliform bacteria and helicobacter pylori bacteria, which are able to enlarge bad conditions like diarrhea.

3. Cancer Prevention

Moringa is one of effective agents in anticancer and also fighting cancer. It also is highly valued in some therapies such as tumor therapy. Some studies has found that moringa extracts contains chemopreventive properties which can make contribution to the presence of the some phenolic components like kaempferol and quercetin. The other research has shown the important role of the bioactive compound namely niazimicin in controlling the proliferation of cancer cells. Moringa extracts has chemo-modulatory effects in the treatment of numerous types of cancers like skin papilloma-genesis, ovarian cancer and hepatic carcinogenesis by restraining the development of malignant cancer cells and causing apoptosis, also known as the death of programmed cell.

4. Cardiovascular Protection

The extracts of moringa play an important part in the fighting of cardiac and myocardial damage, because of the existence of powerful antioxidants. Research studies have demonstrated that this subject supply supporting evidence that can be proof for the essential cardio-protective and antiperoxidative effects of therapies from moringa. It is the help for treatment in banning the development of lipid peroxidation in tissue called myocarditis and supports in holding a healthy heart.

5. Asthma

Another health benefits of moringa extracts also contain relief from inflammation and bronchial asthmatic attack caused by a number of airways. As stated by a research, curing with moringa can help get rid of the severity of the attacks from asthma and a wide range of symptoms such as cough, dyspnea, wheezing, and tightness of chest in the body. It increases its effects protection anti-bronchial constrictions and enhances better functions of lung and respiratory process.

6. Healthy Skin

The oil from moringa seed is helpful for the skin. The effects of hydration and detoxification from moringa extracts can help neutralize the severe effects of harmful toxics, protect the body from blackheads, wrinkles, and reduce the speed of premature aging. The high levels of protein content in moringa supports in preventing the dermal cells from attacks caused by some heavy metals like cadmium and mercury. With the same reason with this, moringa is also used in the production of myriad products for cosmetics and skin care.

7. Antibacterial Properties

Moringa owns two properties which is effective remedy to againt the development of disease-causing microbes namely antimicrobial and antibacterial. Some researches has shown that moringa extracts use a number spectrum of defensive activities to fight food-borne microorganisms like Enterobacter aerogenes, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, E. Coli, Salmonella and Rhizopus species. This protective activity brings moringa extracts become perfect way for the purposes of preservation and sanitation.

8. Bone Health

One of health benefits of moringa is that it can held healthy bones which makes contribution to the existence of crucial minerals such as phosphorous and calcium. Its extracts owns anti-inflammatory properties which are helpful and effective to treat a wide range of painful conditions like arthritis. In addition, it also helps to eliminate various problems on bone such as jaw bone fracture and mandibular.


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