Usefulness Of Sewing Machines, Their Parts And Proper Maintenance


Dating back to many centuries, sewing machines have always been in great demand. Meant for repairing the torn clothes in the early days, these devices have undergone sea changes. Manufacturers of sewing machines have developed latest machines equipped with special parts that enable the people to accomplish the tailoring tasks in quick and reliable manners. Reputed companies including the Bernina sewing machines manufacture and sell these pieces throughout the world. Known for reliable, durable and easy-to-handle sewing gears, these concerns focus on the satisfaction of their clients.

Why sewing machines are in great demand – It is the unmatched attributes of these machines that make them so popular amongst housewives, tailoring shops and commercial tailoring-establishments. Those having a sewing machine at their sweet home are able to repair the torn clothes without visiting the tailor shops. Many ladies earn big money by stitching clothes for others while tailoring shops in the market also make the big buck. A large section of the society prefers wearing tailor-stitched clothes than going for readymade suits that often prove misfits for many. Candidly, tailoring has become a big industry throughout the globe. We see that properly stitched winter suits worn by the people attending special functions are appreciated by all of us. To be frank, our external appearances are greatly improved by wearing quality clothes since stitched by the perfect tailors that know their task well. All this is possible with the help of Bernina sewing machines or other companies that facilitate these gears for use by many people including large-sized tailoring houses across the globe.

Different parts – Sewing machines comprise of two important parts, i.e. the above part and the lower one.  The above part of a sewing machine consists of arm, bed, pin, pin case/cover/binder, balance/hand wheel, feed dogs, faceplate, head, needle/needle pattern/stitch selector and presser foot/lever. Other parts included in the above part are the reverse lever, slide plate, spool pin/the one for pin winding, stitch regulator, take up lever, thread cutter/guide, tension disc and throat/needle plate. The parts that come under the lower part of a sewing gear are band wheel/band turning device, belt guide/shifter, pitman rod, dress guard, treadle & legs.

Each and every part of a sewing machine is meant for special tasks that combine together for stitching purposes.

Maintenance of sewing machines – As stated above, these gears help us to be clad in attractive clothes so they need to have cared well. Proper maintenance of sewing machines is a must to retain them for long.  Timely servicing and cleaning of these gears go a long way in making them live longer. Be wise to take the machine for oiling after using it for approx one hundred hours. This can be done at your home too. Sewing machines need to be cleaned in proper manners as dust etc often accumulates and damages these useful gears. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines in this regard. Approach the reputed Bernina sewing machines or other similar concerns that offer cleaning and maintenance services.  


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